Restore Spiritual Spa

Atlanta, Georgia

Thursday, October 27, 1:00 PM through
Sunday, October 30, 2022, 1:00 PM

Leaders in the Marketplace, Media and Ministry:

  • ​Do you need a safe place for rest and restoration?
  • Are you feeling burned or burned out?
  • ​​Are you plagued by false guilt?
  • ​​Do you feel like throwing in the towel?
  • ​Are you called to heal but need to be healed?
  • ​​​Are you hungry for inner freedom in parts of yourself you don't know how to articulate?
  • ​Do you need to reclaim your worth?
  • ​​Would you like to have breakthrough in a Christian environment​ to help you reset?
  • ​​Think about all the time you've wasted medicating your inner restlessness.
  • ​​Wouldn't you love to know why you're in the condition you're in and what you can do about it?

Meet your Hosts...

Drs. Mark and Mary Axness

Mary Axness, N.C., N.D., practices 
Complementary Medicine 
in Naturopathy, is a Health Chef and the founder of 
Rekindle Health.

Mark Axness, M.D., is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, also specializing in Pain Management and Palliative Care.

Both of them are leaders who have a heart to create a retreat center for leaders.
You'll unwind and restore, surrounded by 4 acres of Georgia forestry, fishing (gear included) at a secluded backyard lake, and an indoor steam/dry sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi whirlpool.
Restore Spiritual Spa

Leaders in the Marketplace, Media and Ministry...

  • ​Do you need a safe place for rest and restoration?
  • Are you feeling burned or burned out?
  • ​Have you suffered a recent loss? 
  • ​Are you called to heal but need to be healed?
  • ​​Are you hungry for inner freedom in parts of yourself you don't know how to articulate?
  • ​Do you need to reclaim your worth?
  • ​Would you like to have breakthrough in a Christian environment​ to help you reset?
  • Wouldn't you love to know why you're in the condition you're in and what you can do about it?

Check yourself into

Restore Spiritual Spa

Restore Spiritual Spa

Atlanta, Georgia

Spring, 2024
(Dates confirming soon!)

(includes transformational teaching, meals,
 lodging and transportation 
from and to ATL airport)

($500 non-refundable deposit included.  If cancellation is necessary, deposit can be applied toward a future Restore Spiritual Spa event.)

Restore Spiritual Spa

It's time for YOU!

Picture this...

  • You indulging in body, soul and spirit restoration at a beautiful Georgia Estate dedicated to revitalizing the whole person
  • Joining a small group of like-minded Christians who are hungry for The More
  • ​Taking a deep dive, professionally guided, into identifying events that have kept you stuck in behavior or thought
  • Experiencing breakthrough using proven, proprietary spiritual tools that accelerate your healing and release 


  •   Enjoying delicious, life-giving meals, prepared by Preventative Health & Wellness Chef, Dr. Mary
  • Recreating and resting in accommodations designed for your recalibration

You'll Discover How You Can...

Reframe Your Past, Reset Your Present, and Rescript Your Future!

You're Also Going to Get...

  • Complimentary Naturopathic Therapies that rejuvenate the body and remove toxins  ($455 value)
  • ​Signed, complimentary copies of the Presenters' Book
  •  Your own copy of Dayna Up Close, a balm for the soul album 
  • ​A FREE 50-minute Strategy Session for your personal life, business or ministry on Zoom with Flourish Now Founders, Dayna and Cathy, to follow up with you after the retreat (a $500 value)

You'll Walk Away With...

*Freedom from generational patterns that have kept you chained to sameness

*The tools to stop future negative patterns in their tracks

*Secrets of how to heal the holes in your soul 

*The ability to reclaim your worth

You Can Expect to:

*Be spiritually, emotionally, physically and gastronomically nourished

*Have up-close interaction with the Presenters

*Engage in personal reflective journaling 

*Experience the power of prayer 

Meet Your Presenters

Cathy Heiliger and Dayna Belcher

Co-founders of 

Dayna and Cathy are both Master Life Strategists and 
#1 Amazon Bestselling Authors 
who bring multiple decades of expert-level
 coaching and consulting, timeless wisdom and 
proven inner-healing techniques leading to 
breakthrough freedom and life-shifting encounters with God. 

Both have the passion and know-how to help people 
reclaim the lost parts of themselves and 

Dr. Mary Axness

 As your host and Health Chef, Mary sets the stage for you to rest in beautiful accommodations, preparing full-flavor 
 LIFE-meals that transform you from the inside out using 
food as first medicine.

She is the author of 
"Delicious Enzymes,"
Volumes One and Two.

Mary brings decades of compassionate care and hospitality along with deep spiritual intuition and intercession to the weekend comprehensive. Many will also receive  complimentary introductions to cutting-edge naturopathic therapies during their stay.

Your Accommodations

Multiple locations available on the property for contemplation.

Each bedroom has its own private bath

We will forward you a questionnaire about your dietary needs to best know how to serve you.
Indoor steam and dry sauna as 
well as jacuzzi spa available 
on the premises.

Dayna and Cathy Coaching Ovations

Medical Director, Amen Clinics, 
Newport Beach, CA

"Two talented and Spirit-led coaches and retreat leaders who know how to catalyze productivity and transform lives. Highly recommended."

Global Motivational Speaker 
and Author/Founder of
Kingdom Builders Academy
Del Rey Beach, FL

"Dayna Belcher is a strategy coach to leaders. As a coach’s coach, she gets clients up and going again when they lose their vision, get stuck, or feel as if they have flatlined. It is my delight to recommend her to you as a coach or mentor.“

Actress, Author, Speaker
Los Angeles, CA

"Cathy’s coaching has changed my life! Gentle yet powerful, Cathy’s approach is the perfect combination of inner healing and practical life coaching. This is life-changing!”

Restore Spiritual Spa Ovations 

"Restore Spiritual Spa restored me completely and wholly! I had nothing more to give when I arrived. I was totally depleted spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I am leaving fully charged in all those areas and more, and am ready to run the race before me across the victory line!"

"V"--State Elected Official

"Cathy and Dayna are the most dynamic duo ordained by the Living God to bring renewal of mind, body, spirit and soul---"Realignment Specialists" that guided my stagnant footsteps to reclaim my birthright by using indisputable biblical principles. I came to the conference weighed down by lies. I am leaving with my crown securely placed upon my head, my heart filled with love and joy and the sword of my sonship in my hands to annihilate any lie of the enemy and pull down every stronghold that dares to touch me or my dependents. There cannot be a greater investment one can make for generational blessings."

"Sonia"---Marketing, Branding, Publicity Head

"This Restore Spiritual Spa retreat with Cathy and Dayna excavated deep into my soul and set me free from false belief systems that have undermined me for decades. My worth and identity have been restored and recalibrated at a level I did not know possible. Cathy and Dayna's profound shared truth is needed across this nation and, indeed, across the planet."

"Patricia"---Attorney at Law

"Prior to attending Restore Spiritual Spa with Coaches Dayna and Cathy, I had been through multiple streams of inner healing. I believe had I encountered this body of information first, I would not have needed to seek additional help. I am still gaining additional insights and applications of God’s personal word to me days and weeks later."

"Karen"---Interior Designer

Dr. Mary Ovations

Special Ed Teacher &Photographer
Newnan, GA

"I enjoyed the efficiency, professionalism and knowledge at Rekindle Health. I felt Dr. Mary truly listened to me and my body! I experienced noticeable improvements from my conditions improving 50%-80% at my visit within one week!"

Retired Administrator
Senoia, GA

"I came to Dr. Axness for help with my right rotator cuff, neck, arms and hands. After 3 sessions I was mostly pain free and able to sleep through most nights! I had a very pleasant health spa experience with a wellness upgrade!"

Commercial Drone Pilot
Sylacauga, AL

"I came to Dr. Mary limping, anxiety- filled and waking up exhausted from fiery pain in my foot. After 3 sessions of cold laser therapies, all symptoms disappeared and my sleep improved. I also really appreciated her dietary recommendations. Dr. Mary was a God-send!"


Thursday, October 27, 1:00 pm
Sunday, October 30, 2022, 1:00 pm

Check yourself into

Restore Spiritual Spa

It's Time for YOU!

Reframe Your Past, Reset Your Present, Rescript Your Future
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